I hate snow

I hate snow. Snow is wet. Snow is cold. Snow impedes my ability to get out of my house to do fun things and causes everyone around me to drive 5 miles an hour with chains on their tires whether it's really necessary or not (and its usually not). My favorite state of being is dry, warm, and free to go wherever I please in a timely manner.

I'll admit that very first good snow, when you wake up in the morning and see 2 feet of gorgeous fluffy white in your yard, is really really pretty. Shoveling THAT morning is kind of fun and its nice to sit back and drink hot chocolate when you are finished. I've been known to say that I love snow that morning. But every morning after that can be skipped, as far as I'm concerned. Winter is by and far my LEAST favorite season.

Last Friday we had our first light snow. Just a little dusting. Zeke was pretty unimpressed as it was falling. He looked out the window and said "huh" when I called him into the living room to see it and then went back to whatever the heck he had been doing in his bedroom all afternoon. It was apparently important stuff, whatever he was doing in there. I will never know, as I have a strict rule to NEVER interrupt or distract him when he's being quiet in his bedroom.

The next morning there was still most of it on the ground, however. And since I am not a TOTAL scrooge I bundled Zeke up in his snow pants and gloves and hat and then pushed his dad out into the yard with him.

I took a few quick pictures from the porch and then ran back into the warm safety of my kitchen. But I found half of a bag of chocolate chips, so as soon as my boys came in they got to enjoy some warm cookies. See my un-scroogyness? It's an effort. Of course as soon as he was warmed up and full of cookie Zeke just wanted to go right back outside, and by then it was getting dark...so the whole not a total scrooge thing might depend on who you ask.


Melissa aka Equidae said...

what sweet pics

Anonymous said...

Great shots... I am praying for snow - as soon as Little Sis's new snow suit comes in I thought she could get away with wearing Big Sis's old one, but it is far too big. Yes once I am ready then Mother Nature can bring on all the winter she likes. I am one of those odd folks that like winter!!! I know I suck!!

MommyAmy said...

Yeah, I pretty much hate winter too. We don't get much snow here, mostly just rain. Which gets VERY old let me tell ya. But the part I hate the most is how early it gets dark. I HATE the dark!