Despite a wonderful weekend, this morning I was in a very crabby mood. It started with a little Zeke who crawled into bed with me around 6 (which isn't in itself a negative thing, it's often my favorite part of day) but decided instead of cuddling he would rather knead his little feet (and apparently too long toenails) against my tummy for an hour or two. A tummy already sore from a very active night of another pair of tiny feet kneading me from the OTHER side and of course as soon as the little blueberry felt her brother kicking she decided to start up again herself. So I got to enjoy kicking from both sides for a while.

THEN upon getting out of the shower I discovered that Zeke had gotten into the salt shaker...and poured salt just about all over the kitchen tile and living room carpet. Uhg. The salt mess only added to the already in existence lazy-weekend-parenting-that-equals-cracker-all-over-everything mess.

I kvetched to my husband online for a while and then attempted to re-start my day. Vacuuming and mopping and then a delicious left-over turkey lunch (I've decided to have turkey for every holiday from now on. Halloween-turkey. Christmas-turkey. Easter-turkey. 4th of july-why not? turkey! Although now come to think of it that WILL get in the way of delicious lamb, which I cant find/afford as often but is still a favorite holiday meal...) later I had turned it all around enough to be able to share some oreo dipping time with my son and appreciate how much I adore him. I love that he is beginning to be old enough for such side-by-side activities, that we can enjoy Oreo's together in their purest and best form (disintegrating in cold milk), kicking our legs under the table and smiling from time to time at one another.

So here's to days that you are able to turn around.

Anyways, Halloween!

It was a great success around here! Friday night we went trick or treating at Josh's office. The first couple rooms Zeke didn't really get it, he wanted to eat the candy right away not put it in his little bucket. But after he realized that EACH room held another bowl of candy, man was he OFF, running from office to office. He wouldn't say "trick or treat", but he WOULD give big eyes until offered candy, take one, place it in his bucket, and then wave and say "bye bye" before running to the next room. 2 floors later he was POOPED and daddy had to carry him for 3rd floor visiting but he still got quite a bit of candy...maybe too much candy...but more on that in a second.

Saturday my parents came to visit and that night they took us to Zeke's favorite restaurant, Red Robin. When we got home from dinner, around 6, we dressed Zeke back up and started passing out candy. It was dark and cold enough (and we had gotten enough candy the day before ) that I decided we'd just be givers this time around and skip the door to door bit. 3 entire bags we passed out before we ran out of candy and turned off our light! I will have to remember to buy more next year, I had no idea our neighborhood would be so hopping. Zeke liked passing out candy, though. And he also liked eating it. Remember that too much candy comment above? Well between the candy Grandma opened for him him, the candy mommy opened for him, and the candy daddy opened for him...Zeke ended up eating so much candy that he threw up.

Halloween tradition?
Our little darth vadar just LOVED this pumpkin set up in Josh's office foyer.

Running down the yellow brick road.

Picking a candy.


Even more.

Getting a feel for Daddy's day at his desk. And can I just say 4? 4!?! How many monitors does one man really need?


Jen said...

4 monitors?! That is awsome!!!

Cute pictures of Zeke. Glad he had a fun Halloween.

Rachel said...

Zeke was SO cute on Halloween. :-D

I guess all of the people from our neighborhood must have gone to yours. We got like 12-20 people. We didn't even go through half a bag of candy. Seems like we get less and less each year.

Chelsea said...

Way cute. I know this is a weird way to request it, but do you think you could email me your mailing address? I promise that what you receive will be a treat and not a trick... +Chelsea (chelseaslaven@gmail.com)