LOTS of pictures

We took LOTS of great pictures with Grandma Mel this week. She is an experienced expert at capturing baby smiles, her and daddy caught quite a few. So anyways, here you are.

PS When you click on a pictures it brings it up in a new page REALLY big. If you want to make it small enough to see more than, say, one eyeball at a time all you have to do is hold down ctrl and then click the minus key (next to zero).

The family.

Grandma and Zeke.

Oh no!


Look what he is doing! Yes, this is real. I am not that talented at photoshop.

MORE smiles!

Big cheeks.

Sleepy boy.


Kait said...

Thanks! It really took alot of time - like three days to get it the way I wanted it... but it's worth it I ADORE it myself.
I haven't seen you in ages! Or since Thursday really but we didn't visit so anyway... Zeke is getting cuter and cuter! I hope to see you soon... :)

Kim said...

I can't believe that is Zeke standing!! So strong!!! He will probably be an early walker if he's already that good at holding his own weight. Looks like him and Preston will definitely be troublemakers together!!

Kim said...

I almost forgot to tell you...I love the new family photo of you guys!! It's so cute!!

Jennspiration said...

Thanks for posting new pictures! He is so cute! I can't decide who he looks like more...I think he's just the perfect mix between the two of you!

Tammy said...

Courtney he is getting so big! I cant wait to see him! Wish I had time to visit,but will be up with proud grandpa for sure the end of October.