Grandparents Galore!

My parents came up on Saturday...I never thought to take pictures because he was crabby all day! Seriously he is never as crabby as he was that day! And then of course on Sunday he was happy happy happy and playing and smiling, and it didn't even matter because they had left. I never did figure out what was making him so mad. Maybe he was tired or had tummy cramps or he was bored because we never really went anywhere, who knows. Oh well, I guess, that's how babies are. We will be in Boise for a good couple of days over labor day weekend and he cant possibly be mad the whole time we are there....or at least I hope not.

Josh's mom arrives tomorrow. If he is crabby all day then I will know he just officially hates visitors ;)

Not much else to say, so here are some pics.

Ezekiel loves his baths.

Sometimes Zeke doesn't act cranky and tired and so then mommy loses track of time and doesn't start the bath/pajamas/nursing/songs routine early enough and Zeke just passes out and gets put to bed in his clothes and without any bath. This may or may not make me a bad mother.

Sometimes mommy asks daddy to put Zeke to sleep so she can get a few things done and when she comes upstairs she finds them looking a little something like this.

The sad part is, it much for being important. ;)


Jeannette said...

This is really random but wanted to say that I saw the article you were featured in yesterday in the Spokesman. Sorry to hear you were struggling but so glad to hear you found some support! Hope things are going well!
(mommy and me)

Jennspiration said...

He is looking like such a big boy! I'm counting the days until labor day! I'm sure you'll get lots of things done while Mel is there! She's got to catch up on holding him!

Love ya!

Kait said...

Courtney you have have to get used to the fact that Daddy's break the rules and it always works. I am always so appaled to come home and find the boys asleep in their clothes they'd been in all day with no pillows or blankets but they seem to sleep well and wake up alive so what's to complain about? lol, men kind of suck.