2 month appointment

Ezekiel had his 2 month appointment on Tuesday and I wanted to update his new stats before I forgot them. He is 14 pounds and 2 ounces, and a little over 25 inches long! He is in the 95th percentile in both weight and height, although Dr. Morgan said "they don't even have a percentile for how tall he is." I guess he is well over the 95th percentile but the chart only goes so high for 2 month olds. His head circumference is in the 70th percentile. Yes, he inherited my pin sized head. So I guess my son is officially gigantic. I had my suspicions...

We also finalized his immunization schedule with the doctor. Man, was THAT hours and hours of work. We are doing the DTaP, the Hib, the PCV, and the Polio vaccines, 2 shots at a time. It was the 2 shots at a time that was hard to figure out. I mean, figuring out which I wanted took quite a bit of research and thinking but then figuring out how to fit them all in, properly spaced, 2 at a time really took some thinking. My friend Annali manages this by going in every month, instead of every other. My mind evidently doesn't work with the obvious because I never thought of that. But I did figure it out finally and the only "downside" is I wont start the Polio rounds until he is 1. But since a Polio outbreak hasn't occurred in this country in almost 15 years, I'm not too worried about it happening in the next 10 months...if it does I will hurry and do it, trust me, 2 shots at a time be damned.

Hmmm...what else did we talk about at the appointment? I guess when I should start solids a little. I was worried that because of his size I'd have to start them early. I didn't think this was true but I'd been informed by well meaning people that it worked that way. But Dr Morgan says I should start between 4-6 months like everyone else...size doesn't affect. So I will start solids at 5 months right before Thanksgiving like I always planned. I know my family well enough to know that at that time he will get some food whether I like it or not ;)

So I guess the main story is my son is healthy. In 2 months we will do it all again for his 4 month check up. Hoorah?

An aside: I am starting to fall behind on his baby book. Not to mention the family scrapbook, which I was at least smart enough to be sure to be caught up on before he was born...its really only missing 2 pages right now. But all that's in Zeke's baby book is pregnancy and birth..nothing since then. So I'm gonna have a scrapbooking get together soon I think. Maybe that crafty craft party I've been talking about since forever. Crafts for girls upstairs and Starcraft for boys downstairs. We arent sexist around here are we?

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Kait said...

Ha! Jerry loves starcraft. We're sexist too. :)
So you don't feel bad Sam's 1 year scrpabook is adorable, Joe's is only half way done and Molly doesn't even have one!