What's been happening

I guess the biggest event around here lately has been that Josh decided to pick up playing guitar. I must say, watching my almost painfully math-minded husband (the joyful math and physics minor...and in his defense philosophy too but you cant have 3 minors), anyways watching my math-geek hubs think thru music in math terms is quite entertaining. It's totally legitimate and all that- just also totally not the way I think of it.

Music was always more my territory before, since Josh could read music but not much other than that. I suppose I will just have to scoot over to make room for a new outlook. I'm totally excited about him learning, though. We are that creepy family that sings together in the evenings after dinner. Seriously. It's too idyllic to be believed, I can't believe I'm even admitting it here. But since my dreams of having a piano are getting nowhere fast, a guitarist in the house could be useful.

And the best news is that his teacher is not only the best guitarist I've ever met (and I dated quite a few guitarists, having a bit of a "thing" for them) but also a man with a true heart and talent for teaching. Thanks Johnathon, you are the best.

Zeke says, "dada, I didn't know you was a rock star!"

And for his part, Zeke has been busy making valentines. All of them for rock-star dada. Sorry grandma's. I would sneak you one but Zeke made me write DADA on them to be sure I was clear about who they were for. If it makes you feel better, I am chopped liver as well.

Mal has been busy pushing Zeke around on his tricycle. We've been kind of wondering when he will figure out that this is a lame deal for him and insist on getting a ride now and then himself. So far he is thrilled every time Z yells, "Baby! I need a push!!"

For my part? Writing and rewriting essays for this event. It'd be a lot simpler if I could just decide what I'm doing, then at least I'd only be writing and rewriting one, instead of 2. I've officially gone over the line of over-thinking it. Auditions are Feb 26th and Im pretty sure my usual stage fright will be over-ridden by the joy that at least then it will be over and I can never think about this again, lol. Josh who has had to listen to all 3 of my essays in various levels of completion several times, has been more patient then an angel. My only excuse is this is the first time I've written for anything other than a blog in 3 years. I decided to audition to prove to myself that I could, but I think I may be proving myself the opposite.


Adria said...

It's not creepy to sing together after dinner. Or in complete chorus with harmonies, piano, guitar and sheet music as an extended family after thanksgiving, christmas, new years dinners and various other holiday gatherings. To me, singing together after meals is quite 'normal' and honestly rather comforting (even now). I am sure your boys will cherish this as they get older.

Elizabeth said...

I think it's creepy, but only because I'm jealous :) It's awesome that you can enjoy music together as a family and cool that your husband is learning something new. Maybe one day you'll get your piano and I'll learn to play one :)