I finally put batteries in my camera

A boy-update... for certain people who "miss their granbabies".
Malachi, once having walked, almost never crawled again. He's taking great delight in the ability to carry things from room to room. So he does. Often. Rarely is any given item in the room where it logically belongs anymore. As I speak our entire collection of mac and cheese boxes (and we have quite a collection, being devoted Costco members) are on the couch, having dutifully been carried there one by one.
Right now he is busy taking all my shoes into the kitchen.
He has also discovered the joys of his tongue.
It's really quite a large one, somehow wider then his mouth, and with the ability of strange movements that I'm almost confident I can't copy. It is also rarely contained inside his mouth anymore. More often he looks like this:
Both boys have also taken great pleasure lately in touching their tongues with one another, its a game Mal invented and it will throw them into at least 15 minutes of giggling. Often even more. As this is an activity that I absolutely refuse to take part in, I'm glad at least they have each other.
This kid thinks he's hilarious. That much is certain.

Zeke, much to my amusement and even slight dismay is suddenly turning into ALL boy. We fight monsters all. day. long. We fight them to get into the kitchen, which they have blocked. We fight them for stealing our toys, which have obviously not been misplaced by were viciously stolen...by a monster. We fight them before eating and before going potty and sometimes we must walk very very slowly and whisper, because they are sleeping. But monsters are notoriously light sleepers so we inevitably wake them up and must then fight them.
Then, to change the pace a bit we fight dragons instead. Or the "bad guys".

Often there is a princess involved.

When he isn't fighting, he is deeply involved in his "school work".
Here he is seen organizing different colored buttons with some pliers.

I was torn on starting preschool activities at 2, but now that its been a few months I'm happy I did it. Zeke loves his preschool shelf, and begs me to do some "school" with him almost every day. And he was ready, he identified all but 4 letters today :)
He was also camera shy this morning. Hence only being in pictures with me. I didn't mind so much.


Kim said...

Thanks Court I miss you too!

jane@bowles.com said...

Courtney, the first picture of you and the boys is priceless. I admired your beauty for quite a while before reading about Zeke and Malachi and what they are up to at this point in time. BTW, your boys just happen to be the cutest kids I have ever seen!!! Thanks for sharing your life with all of us and for the precious pictures. Love you, Grnadma Jane

Jennifer said...

I love that you are doing Montessori style lessons with him!! He looks like he is enjoying concentrating (for however long it lasts). It is an important life skill. :)

Beautiful blog!