Conversations With Zeke

Collected over 6 or so days.

Josh, "Zeke get in the car right now."
Zeke, "Dada! Don't be rude to me!...Momma, Dada's being very rude."

Me, "God help me."
Zeke, "God helps me. He helps me when I'm stuck in the mud. He has a tow cable."

Me, "No, Zeke, we aren't having cookies for breakfast. You need to choose oatmeal, or eggs."
Zeke, "You are sooo mean, you are hurting my feelings!"

Josh, "Don't lick the plate, buddy."
Zeke, "But there is sugar all over it. I have to lick it!"

And my favorite of all...though it may more accurately be called conversations near Zeke:

Friend on the phone, "Do you have to call me back?"
Me, "No, Zeke is just being attacked by a bear."

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