Tulips! (Funny story, last year I had some potted bulbs about here...Zeke was so kind as to dump one of them out and I forgot all about them. Obviously they survived and now I have really really random tulips coming up.)

And the mystery bush (which no one can identify even though it has a really crazy fruit that you'd think SOMEONE would recognize) is getting leaves! And so are my lilac bushes, though I didnt take a picture.

Anyways, all proof that spring has sprung! And I am seriously seriously excited about it.

And as spring, uh, springs?, and as Malachi gets older, and as I start to get my life under control I am starting to think about our daily rhythm again, which other than nap and bedtimes was thrown out the window when Mal was born. But both last and this week I have been able to keep up with my housekeeping, which has felt really good and I'm taking as a sign that maybe I can begin to organize our "new" life into some semblance of order. Until now its been rather chaotic, kind of a "get things done when you can" situation and every week since Mal's birth I've had a giant honey-do list for Josh of things I hadn't gotten around to. (I HATE making the poor guy mop the kitchen on his days off work but at the same time we both know that this is the reality of being ME. More than sleep and more than time to myself and more than pretty much anything, what I need to stay sane and calm is a sane and calm environment. Such is life married to an obsessive compulsive. He sometimes mops on the weekend.)
But the point was that this will be the second weekend that Josh doesn't have to play catch up for me and Im taking it as a sign that maybe I can start to think about getting back to a daily and weekly rhythm.
And since the whole point of having a steady rhythm is to keep it I'm going to spend the next few weeks really looking at our days, and thinking about what worked for us before, and what will work for us now, what I want out of our days, what I want them to feel like. Spring is a good time to reassess anyways, I've noticed our spring/summer needs are very different than the quiet and warmth (physical but also emotional) that the fall/winter demands. Spring is a time for opening up, I suppose, and winter a time for closing in.
Anyways, as I ponder all these things and organize my thoughts maybe I will write a post about rhythm. Its so important to our life and so ignored by our culture.
2 Confessions:
1. I went to go buy Zeke new shoes and discovered that he measured at a size 7 and a half. He had been wearing a size 6. No wonder the poor child took his shoes off whenever he could.
So we bought some 8's to have room to grow and despite initial reluctance, after a day of discovering how his toes actually fit, he's pretty into his new kicks. And yes, they are high tops...I do have SOME honor left in me.

2. Josh and I watched The Brothers Bloom with Zeke, despite strong beliefs about children watching adult TV and almost 2 years of abstaining from letting him do so. And not only did we give in, but we gave in big, a full 2 hour movie with not only violence but horrible language. At least we could have given in for a half hour episode of fairly innocent The Office. Zeke was well behaved thru-out, playing with cars I believe, and now that Star Trek has arrived (we have netflix) its taking all of our self control not to let him watch THAT as well. Oh how the strong have fallen. It woudl be easier if it didnt take us forever to find time to watch movies. I mean, before Bloom we had a 3 episode disk of Mad Men for 5 WEEKS! Which is why we have netflix. Can you imagine the late fees? But we are re-committing. The things we do for our kids....
Oh and Im adding a catcha word verification thing to my comments. I know this is annoying but for some reason I'm suddenly getting 3 or 4 spam comments a day. When it was 1 a month I was fine deleting them but this is getting ridunculous. I cant spend 10 minutes everyday getting rid of spam on my blog...Im a busy mother of 2 over here!

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Anonymous said...

I love what you had to say about spring and reassessing and routine and all that jazz!! I think you are so right and I need to do the same in our house, not because of a baby addition, but like you said the needs change very much and I don't think I ever take the time to sit and actually think about it, just always trying to grab at straws and play catch up.... thank you!!!