A new felt board and hopefully more to come

I want to try to start crafting again. At least every once in a while. I haven't since Mal's birth and I miss it. To start that goal off, Zeke and I made him a felt board this weekend, along with some simple shapes and the letters of his name. He was mighty impressed by the word "octagon" and said it about 1,000 times, pointing them out wherever we went. Unfortunately the difference between an octagon and a circle are rather obscure to a 1 year old... many of Zeke's octagons were, in fact, circles.

My plan is to swap out the shapes with something different when he gets bored with them and/or learns all his shapes. Maybe something for counting? Maybe some characters from a fairy tale we can tell? The possibilities are endless. Which is why I love felt boards.

My next project is going to be crocheting Mal some stacking rings. I already found a great pattern on Ravelry and I'm almost sure I can make it using leftover scraps since I'm not going to be too picky on mixing fibers on this one. I figure if one ring is cotton and another wool and then another silk its just going to add to the appeal right?

Wish me luck on finding the time. My gargantuan stack of books at my desk doesnt bode well for this.

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Kari Marchelli said...

well at least he learned the word octagon :)