Our Weekend

This weekend a problem was discovered:
Zeke, having watched us in the garden plot a lot over the last few weekends has decided that it's his new favorite spot to play. Especially he enjoys parking his wagon there, digging, and pulling any plants he finds. You can imagine our concern since any day now we are going to plant our spring produce in that location.
There IS a small border, but it wasn't quite visible enough to teach him not to cross it. Especially considering the temptation. And especially considering that OTHER sections thus bordered off he is perfectly free to dig in. Little boys need to dig after all.

So a plan was hatched:
And a baby spent an hour in the (sort of) sun:
And then took a nap with a momma:
And a fence was built "Josh style" (aka with 2 by 4's that we had laying around).
Zekey can easily cross it. It's not very high, after all, probably only 2 feet. But the visibility makes it easier for him to understand where he is and isn't allowed to play.

And just for fun:

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Kari Marchelli said...

I cant believe how big Zeke has gotten. Handsome boys!!