Well we got back into town Sunday during the late afternoon/early evening. But then of course there was a very desperate kitten to cuddle and play with, an over excited and car weary son to deal with, dinner to be made, and all of that home-coming jazz. Not to mention Josh insisted that the car just HAD to be unloaded and the bags unpacked THAT NIGHT or apparently we would all explode. We had one of those lovely moments in marriage where you are just not at all on the same page. Josh wanted everything done right away, I wanted to relax with the kitten. It's actually quite the opposite of our usual stance and though there was a moment or two of friction I am happy to tell everyone that we survived it without any escalation. A fact that I am proud of after a very tiring week and a half of vacationing and an even more tiring day spent almost completely in the car.

Maybe almost 4 years of marriage HAS taught us something.

So that night there was obviously no time to blog. THEN Monday morning I was all set to get right to it (and a few other things) but I woke up with some breakthrough bleeding that I wasn't necessary concerned about but thought worrisome enough to keep an eye on. The bleeding stopped after a few hours and Blueberry has been active all day so I'll chalk it up to a broken blood vessel (which can happen after you get into an almost fight with your husband and know..."make up"... we've been sleeping with a 1 year old between us for a week after all).

But even though it turned out to be nothing to worry about and I was sure from the start it was nothing to worry about, it was only responsible to take it easy and pay a little more attention to myself until it was proven that there was really and truly nothing to worry about. Which means that mostly Zeke and I played in his bedroom and got almost nothing done. At 5 I did break down and get us dressed and to the grocery store, but by then the bleeding had stopped, blueberry had kicked me about 1oo times, and I was starting to wonder what the heck I could make for dinner with what was in the house.

So that brings me to today, in which I have had to catch up with everything I didn't get done YESTERDAY because I was taking it easy.

And that was a long and probably unnecessary rant on why exactly it's taken me this long to post pics of our trip. Lol.

Too much happened to talk about it all so let's suffice to say that we all had a wonderful time, we got to see absolutely every family member that we had hoped to, and Zeke wasnt nearly as shy as he has been in the past.

As usual I didnt take nearly as many pictures as I should have but here's what I did get:

My parents took us boating out at Lucky Peak. Zeke enjoyed himself more than this picture represents.

My dad in a failed 360 attempt on the knee board. In his defense he went on to succeed.

My brother on the knee board.
Even Josh tried the knee board. And while Zeke thought it was awfully funny when my dad and brother crashed, and he even though it was pretty funny to see daddy out on the water, boy did he ever NOT find it funny when Josh crashed and our boat just kept a going. He was screaming and flailing and trying to JUMP OFF THE BOAT as if his little 1 year old self could save his daddy. I was sad at first that I hadnt got out the camera for Josh but probably it was a blessing since I would have likely lost it in the ensuing struggle.

And yes, thos are pretty much the only pics from 5 whole days spent in Boise. But then we moved on to camping and the fact that everyone else was taking pictures reminded me that I should to.

It rained a lot. I mean...a lot. But we still had a lot of fun. The rain honestly just meant more chances to gather in Grandma Melanie's trailer and play pinochle. (Zeke sure loved on his uncles. As you can see.)

Zeke didnt mind the rain in the least and wanted outside the second it stopped (well, honestly he wanted out even when it wasnt stopped). He was pretty sure that he was king of the mountain, climbing rocks and hills, whacking bushes with sticks, and despite the fact that he tripped and fell or bonked his head or SOMETHING about every 5 minutes I dont think he cried or slowed down once. He just wanted to do just about everything he saw the bigger boys doing.

Like collect firewood and throw it into the fire:
That kid wanted to collect firewood to throw into the fire all darn day. And except for, you know, the throwing it into the fire part, I really didnt mind, so we let him collect away and just kept a keen eye on the fire.

And when his uncles started up the hill to pick some huckleberries they had found Zeke took the leg from a card table as a walking stick and started right after them.
And got pretty far too before papa Max decided to go catch him.
Daddy also taught him important and manly lessons. Like how to cut firewood. (He wasnt allowed to go "help" chop it down so we had to give him something.)
Daddy lesson already planned for next year? Peeing on trees.

The last night he did get a little crabby (cutting his first molar, we found). But it wasnt anything knawing on a cob of corn couldnt handle.
Definately an experience worth repeating. He's gota learn to pee on trees after all.


Jen said...

Sounds like you guys had fun. I'm glad Zeke took to camping so well. Looks like he had a blast!

Holly said...

Gosh! He is getting so big and looks like such a kid now. Good thing you have another one on the way because I don't think Zeke is a baby ANY more.

Jennspiration said...

I'm so glad we got to see you guys and spend some time together! We sure miss you when your not around! See you again in November!

quid said...

Great camping pictures! Makes me homesick for those days when mine were small and we took them camping all the time. A great bunch of memories. Beautiful blog!


Pami said...

sounds like a fun day to me!!!

dominique said...

Happy SITS,
dropping in to check out your site.. your little boy is very adorable :)
Have 2 myself.

...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

Congrats on your SITS day!!! :D

MoxieMamaKC said...

Congrats on your SITS day! 360's on a knee board are durn hard. I grew up at a lake and I'm not sure I've got it in me anymore now that I'm in my 30's. Your little boy is adorable and I'm sure he's looking forward to his manhood initiation of peeing on trees next year!

Jodie said...

Your little boy is such a cutie!

Stalker v1.5 said...

PArecious! Enjoy your time in the SITS day sun!

Terra H. said...

Hello! Stopping by from SITS. Love the camping photos. Looks like your son enjoyed it. My family goes camping a lot and my boys enjoy spending time in the great outdoors.

{Katie Lane} said...

I love camping!! Looks like a ton of fun :) Happy SITS day.

Mama Daggett said...

I totally want to go camping now! You all are so cute and I love that you allow Zeke to be a boy alongside his daddy. That is awesome!

African-American Brides said...

How awesome to be out in nature that way! I'm loving your pics. I really hope to do something similar with my little one - and SOON. Thanks for the inspiration!


Tiaras said...

looks like everyone had a great time - I am not a camper - but did this MANY times growing up!