Millions of Peaches...

It really seemed like there WERE millions of peaches when we went picking on Sunday afternoon, although the variety we wanted the most were hard to find ripe, and the apricots weren't ready at all. (Everything is coming up so late this year!) But we still got quite a few good peaches and now we have an excuse to go back in 2 or 3 weeks.
And as you can see my camera dilemma was really short lived. As soon as Josh heard that ours was broken he started looking around on Craigslist and he found me a little Nikon Coolpix for cheap. And I think it might even work better than my old Sony seeing as the Sony never DID work the way it was supposed to and I never did get around to reading the booklet. This time I read the booklet right off :)
Josh doing the "squeezy squeezy test"
Zeke eating a peach. Mostly he just ate the peach we let him pick right off the bat and followed us around.
But as you can see, he was pretty excited about it.
He liked sticking his fingers in.
Zeke even got to feed a goat an ear of corn. Well, actually he was 95% sure that was a puppy...and he would have rather kept the corn to himself. But hey...cute picture! (maybe its time to start working on our animals? he was also sure that rooster was a duck...) And dont worry, he got some of his OWN corn later on at home.
Plus we played in the pea pit for a while, of course. The original plan was to let Z play in the dried peas until he got bored. About 40 minutes later that plan had to change.
And good thing we had so much fun this weekend. What with a 1st birthday party and a trip to Greenbluff Farms, because NEXT weeekend is our "yard work weekend"...who ever said labor day had to be taken literally? I'm being positive and saying we will get it all done on Saturday. Josh thinks we will be lucky to get it all done at all.

Unfortunately he is probably right.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Good luck next weekend!

A-trox said...

The photo of Zeke with the peach face just might be the best picture of him ever! I love it! Yes, my friend's children ARE the CUTEST children in the world and there is no arguing that fact (until I have my own) ;)

Kim said...

Which farm up at Greenbluff has the pea pit? Preston would love that!