I feel wonderful

Let me just say that I feel FANTASTIC.

Back story: My back has never been the same since my pregnancy with Zeke. I think it was mostly the kind of structural damage you have to expect when suddenly there are 30 pounds connected to the front of your abdomen but further irritated by a rather difficult labor, a rather small frame, and a rather poorly placed epidural. But the point is one way or another I suddenly found after his birth that I could not lay on my back without excruciating pain at the center of my spine, and that my left shoulder was about an inch lower than my right.

I never did much about it. A. I had a newborn and therefor no time to be going to a chiropractor a few times a week for a few months (which is what I found out it would take). B. I had a newborn and therefor no money to be paying a chiropractor a few times a week for a few months. C. I have this really weird space bubble and absolutely HATE to be touched by people I dont know, and finally D. Josh had tried to rub out a few of the more obvious knots (while not a registered masseuse or anything he has been reported to be fairly talented) and the pain of even some of his lightest touches literally brought me to tears. So the thought of spending precious time and precious money to have a STRANGER rub his hands all over my body and cause me excruciating pain was not a pleasant one. I reverted to my normal stance when it comes to all things medical, If I ignore it long enough, it will go away.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I started gaining weight for this pregnancy. Oh my God pain. My back is suddenly so arched that my tailbone and the center of my back both dig into the floor while laying down, with a good 2 or 3 inch rise between them, and I can feel exactly where my epidural was placed AT ALL TIMES. My left (lower) shoulder is also hurting all the time and I can no longer lift that arm above my head...and I mean, I physically CAN NOT.

Josh and I decided that we need to figure something out before suddenly Im at 30 pounds strapped to the front again and my back just snaps.

We talk to my midwife about it and she suggests Craniosacral massage. It's exeedingly gentle, its cheaper than chiropractic care, it offers almost instant results, and an aqquaintance of mine happens to practice it.

Fast forward again to yesterday, which was my appointment.

Gretchen barely touched me, which was wonderful because as I said, touching hurts, but as she worked up my back it was almost as if I kept feeling a "pop...fizzzz" as it would straighten and reallign. When my hour was up and I stood, my shoulders were no longer different heights, and when I sat down my tailbone was no longer digging into the chair.

Angels. where. singing.

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Jennifer said...

That is awesome. I had a hernieated disk with my first and I thought I was going to die from the pain. I couldn't stand, sit or walk without pain. Everything hurt and there was nothing that could be done about it. I couldn't even take pain medicine because of the baby. I had to go to PT and they taught me one excercise that help. Thankfully, eventually, the weight of the baby on front helped pull my back into a position that took pressure off of the disk and I was able to function for the latter part of the pregnancy. It was torture I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy so I'm glad you have found something that works.