When you are 12 days old everything's a first

Highlights this week are mostly a long string of firsts. Zeke had his first bath at home, peed on daddy for the first time, played his first computer game, his first game of risk, and his first game of scrabble. He had his first explosive poop to fly at least 2 feet before it hit the wall (Josh wants me to post pictures but I will spare you, if you've had children you can imagine, if you haven't then you don't want to). He's also winning his first battle, he sleeps more in our bed than in his. At 2 o clock in the morning Id just rather him be quiet and spoiled with us than in his bed like a good baby and crying. He spends part of every night alone and I hope to slowly increase it. When his days and nights are a little more stable and he lasts over 2 hours between feedings it will be easier.

I am afraid I'm spoiling him terribly, he just wont abide being put down, even during the day. Lonliness will wake him from even the deepest sleep. But I honestly don't know what to do about it, even the meanest most Ferber-friendly people say you cant use a cry it out method until they are a bit older than this. And I'm not sure I really want to throw my child into the pure terror of singleness just for the sake of a free arm. For now I do everything one handed, attempt putting him down several times a day when he seems calmest, and hope that he likes the carrier my friend Annali is being good enough to make me. Also I hope he grows out of this a bit. He IS fairly new after all.

Wednesday he will be 2 weeks and normal life will be allowed to commence. I promised Josh we'd stay home for 2 weeks recovering and though not getting dressed most days has been nice, and though I did cheat slightly with going to church and to the mall, I'm getting bored. I'm never home this much. Wednesday I get to go out to a potluck with my mommy and me group, and then Thursday my impossibly hippie mindful mothers group meets. We also have doctors appointments each of those days, so it might be much but I don't want to wait another week. Friday I have my church MOPS group.

Bust busy busy and I love it. Post natal yoga has to wait until 5 weeks and I'm sad but also a little relieved, all these groups might be more than I can chew. I'll wait and see, I can always drop something and at least I wont be lonely or bored.

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Jennspiration said...

I just love him! Thanks for posting more pictures! I wish you were here and we could hang out and keep each other from being bored!