41 weeks (and then some)

Wow, am I big. And Wow, am I amazed that I've made it this far. That baby was due 10 days ago, after all. I'm amazed and I'll admit anxious. I only have 4 days left until the big I-day and I'm trying to get myself around to a point where I can accept being induced without disappointment. It's a little difficult. I had my heart pretty set on a "natural" birth and that moment when you realize that you are in labor.

In my spare time, to reduce boredom, I've come up with a rather extravagant and very Courtney-like theory on why the baby hasn't come yet. In the end I decided that it's all Hilary Clinton's fault. I would think, after explaining, that my husband suspected I was going insane if it wasn't for the fact that after almost 3 years of marriage I know that he knows I'm insane. He cant fake surprise any longer. And anyways, my conspiracy theories are nothing compared to his, don't even get me started.

A more logical person to blame, now that I think about it, would be Josh himself. After all, I am NEVER late for ANYTHING. I'm always early, always have been. Josh on the other hand is always always ALWAYS late. I guess, on a second thought, though, that's not exactly fair because, in reality, he's more often procrastinating, starting late, never conceivably going to make it, and then right on time. This irritates his classmates as much if not more than it does me because he starts papers and projects mere hours before deadlines and then finishes them sometimes seconds before they are due. I've gotten used to it, and with several "warnings" have even managed to make it to most movies these days before the previews. Although never before the new pre-pre-views.

I guess if the baby is just taking after his daddy I will go into labor an hour or two before I'm supposed to be at the hospital on Monday. That would be in true Josh Clark style. If my Hilary Clinton theory is correct, then I will go into labor sometime Saturday night after her big party... We will see.


Annali said...

I'm praying you get the natural birth you want! But don't fret...the end result is the same! He's almost here.....

Anonymous said...

Courtney, I am so glad you posted a picture, since I havent seen you since Febuary. You truly are adorable pregnant. Of course your adorable when not also. :) We are very excited to meet the new little man. See you soon! Tammy