Keeping on keeping on

Things seem easier this week. Nighttime at least is a lot easier. Zeke has been sleeping most of the night in his moses basket now all by himself, at least the last 3 nights he has. I've been changing and feeding him sometime between 10 and 11 and putting him in his basket right next to my bed and he sleeps till 2, eats and (wait for it, this is the new part) goes BACK in his basket until 5 or so when he gets hungry again. At this point he decides he wants to wake up and he ends up in bed with Josh and I so that we can get another few hours...he'll stay there until 8 usually. Its a huge improvement from sleeping with us almost all night. Last week he only put up with 2 or 3 hours in his basket if I was lucky and I was afraid he'd never sleep he's more like 6 hours and I have huge confidence that in a few months when he's feeding once a night instead of twice we can start to transition him into his own room. And he's sleeping so deep too. Maybe 1 or 2 times do I have to reach down and put my hand on his tummy to settle him back down, and before I was having to do it constantly when he was in the basket.

Days are easier too. He still wants to be held almost every waking second, the longest I've gotten so far is 15 minutes he sat in his vibrating chair and watched me iron Josh's shirts. But its easier to deal with now that I'm not holding him all night as well. And we're getting a rhythm to our days, not a schedule but at least a rhythm. He eats every 3 hours or so until the evening when he likes to cluster a good 3 or 4 feedings in as many hours sometimes. He usually has a good balance of sleep and alertness, although every few days he still has a day when he almost never wakes up except to eat. And the same events happen everyday, just not necessarily in the same order. Every day we read, we just finished the Great Gatsby (my child will have read more classic literature in his first 6 months than most Americans in their life, I'm willing to bet. After 6 months they say it starts to matter what you read them but right now it doesn't so I don't see why I should suffer Hop on Pop quite yet). Everyday we get out of the house for a little while whether its to the park with my mommy and me group or yoga or MOPS, everyday we dance or sing because Zeke LOVES music. In his bad moments its all that will calm him down and he cries between tracks when it stops to switch songs. He got mad at church this Sunday when the worship stopped, it was so funny.

He lost his cord FINALLY, and we also FINALLY ordered birth announcements so they should get here this week and out there next week. I hope its not too late but hey I've been busy. Anyways they are super cute and totally worth it. Trust me. Also I am totally convinced he giggled yesterday. I was smiling and making faces at him and he was smiling back and then he GIGGLED. He is obviously a genius way above the curve, no matter what Josh says. He's socially doing things he shouldn't for another 6 weeks. He smiles back at you, he will stick his tongue out if you do it, and he laughs.

Not much else is going on, however. I'm just keeping on keeping on. Enjoying my perfect baby and trying not to die in the heat.

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Jennspiration said...

His eyes are open! What a sweetheart! I HAVE to see pictures of him in that cute 4th of July hat that Melanie gave know the one with the stars sticking up! Love you guys!