40 weeks

As my due date comes and goes I cant help but get a little frustrated. Its not really that I'm all that uncomfortable or anxious but it's all beginning to feel like this is some big test that I'm failing. The fact that I have to go in on Friday to talk about inducing on Monday night doesn't help. I don't want to be induced. I mean I really really really don't want to be induced. Not only because it makes me feel like my body is a failure but because I know that my body ISN'T a failure, its just no one around me has any patience. Oh well. I will try my hardest to talk them out of it. I know everyone hates to let you go past 41 weeks but unless they have a reason other than statistics I just don't buy it. I'm not a statistic and neither is my baby.

Plus I hate deadlines.

* update*
Well I was able to push my induction back a week. It was a lot easier then I thought actually, I guess I forgot that I chose this practice because of their flexibility. Anyways, the baby's lease will now officially run out at 7 pm Monday June 9th. It's still a deadline and I still have this sinking suspicion that I will reach it, and an almost complete confidence that even if I did nothing would be wrong but oh well. There are quite probably worse things then being induced and by 42 weeks I will probably be able to name a few.

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