38 weeks

So this will be my blog to keep people updated on the baby and myself. A lot of other moms have told me that it is unimaginably useful those first few weeks and then continues to be so as the baby grows and grandparents start to show their impossibly vast appetites for pictures and cutesy stories. Appetites almost as vast as a new mother's to share pictures and cutesy stories. This site seems to have a better set-up for what I want to do than my myspace page, so we will see how it works.
There is not any news yet really. As of yesterday I am dilated to all of 1 centimeter, and while I have low abdominal cramps almost all the time and my stomach has been dropped for almost 2 weeks I'm not sure anything is really being accomplished down there. I think the only person less anxious than me is Josh, however. Everyone else seems to be running out of patience, I am just as happy if the baby comes tomorrow or in 4 weeks. Josh sees this as a sign that it will be more like 4 weeks, it seems wrong to be so comfortable at the end. Either way I'm glad that I'm able (so far) to give our little cashew the time he needs. I figure this is the first lesson of motherhood, this is the babies life as much as mine and he will have to decide when to come on his own. Its just my job to help when he says time.

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