39 weeks

So as of this morning I am 70% effaced and 2 centimeters dilated. It's all a lot of information that really in the end means nothing. I might go into labor today, I might still make it to my next appointment next Wed. He is still fairly tipped back in my evidently weird-shaped uterus however and Sarah (my favorite midwife in the world) says if I can get him to move forward a bit by sitting on my exercise ball everyday the added pressure will probably get things going a lot faster. So on the exercise ball I am. My yoga instructor has been telling me the exact same thing so I suppose I better listen.
So I am committing myself now, at least a half hour a day I'm gonna exercise on that danged thing! Not necessarly to speed things up because I'm not all that anxious to tell the truth but to get him to move forward at least. Labor will be a lot easier if he's not trying to come out my bum, ya know? Stupid tipped uterus.
In more exciting news, Sarah also said she was feeling his head to see if she could get any evidence of hair and it came out pretty negative, so with my measurements being what they are she thinks he's going to be a bald 7 pounder. Josh's guess is bald, 7 pounds 9 ounces, and 22 inches long...on May 30th. He's very specific, that husband of mine. I say he's going to have a full head of hair, 6 pounds, and not until June 4th, but mostly I'm just being ornery :)

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Bill said...

I love your blog, Courtney.

I Love You too.