New Rhythms and New Horizons

With Josh home this week the whole family seems to be in a pause. Each of us pushing arms outwards to feel our new space, and wriggling our shoulders in attempts to make it familiar. Well, all of us except Mal. Malachi just barrels forward despite all changes in rhythm and aura. It may be a 1-year-old thing but it may just also be Mal.

Whether our littlest family member notices or not, the house feels different with Josh here.

In an effort to keep some semblance of our normal day going he does go downstairs into his basement office (aka man cave) every morning. He job searches, he familiarizes himself with programming languages that he thinks a knowledge of will be useful, he double checks his online presence, he takes breaks to lift weights, to practice guitar. By 3pm when the boys are being woken from their naps, he joins the rest of us and we head out as a family to run errands or garden, or else we adults read while the kid's play at our feet.

Honestly it should feel the same, only daddy "home" a bit early. But it doesn't really. Even if he's unavailable we are all very aware that he's here. Every art project must be run down to show him, every snack offered. He comes up every once in a while, to use the restroom or grab a drink or tell me, laughing, that he knows when he is applying for a job in Idaho when they state that degrees from accredited universities are preferred.

It's an adjustment and we are getting there.

And hopefully by the time we do we are adjusting right back to where we were before.

He has two interviews tomorrow. :) I told him to ask double his old salary or bust ;)

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