I do love me a schedule

When Zeke was born we decided to partially immunize. It's not that I buy all the research about immunizations causing autism ect, its just that I also don't buy all the research disproving it- I see the wonderful miracle that immunizations are, and I see the cash cow they have become. At the end of the day, let's just say, I don't trust anyone but my own good sense. And so like any woman who only trusts her own good sense and has far too much time on her hands I decided to look into things myself (with the help of a trusted pediatrician).

And the plan that I came up with, the one that I felt most comfortable with, was partial delayed immunization. Our schedule looked like this.

2mo DTaP, Hib(combined shot), Pc
4mo DTaP, Hib(combined shot), Pc
6mo DTaP, Hib(combined shot), Pc
18mo DTaP,Hib(combined shot), Pc

5 years DTaP

10 or 12 years HepB, Hep A, MMR, Chickenpox

*skipped all together were rotovirus and polio (although Mal got the Polio, because my current ped. carried and trusted a combined vac. including it with DTaP, Hib)

Fast forward 3 years and I'm still very happy with that schedule. But, suddenly, we are also thinking and praying very hard about becoming foster parents next year. And one reality of being foster parents is that you are inviting big gov. into your home in a very real way- and big gov. isn't fond of people who write their own schedules. In other words, to get licensing to foster, our own kids need to be caught up on their shots in the next year.

Except for that roto, they don't recommend getting the roto vaccine later then 18 months so we just lucked out on that one ;)

To make a long story short(er) our new schedule ends like this:

2 yrs MMR, Pox(combined shot), Hep B
2.5 yrs Hep A, Hep B
3 yrs Hep A, Hep B

3 yrs MMR, Pox(combined shot), Hep B, Polio
3.5 Hep A, Hep B, Polio
4 yrs Hep A, Hep B, Polio

Mal wont be truly caught up for a year and a half, but by the time we are hoping to apply for licensing (next summer) he will only have the last Hep A and the last Hep B left. If that's not good enough I'm willing to wait an extra 6 months until he is done.

At first I'll admit I was fairly upset about this change in plans. But the more I think about it, the more at peace I am.


homeschool mommy to five said...

Interesting.... I wonder if it differs by state. We don't vax and didn't have to to foster. With the baby we fostered , we were able 'delay' hers and then she was adopted. So she only got a couple.

homeschool mommy to five said...
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Courtney said...

Must be like you said, and differ from state to state. Everything I have read says that all the children (and pets) in our home have to be fully vaccinated. :(

Adria said...

One of many many reasons behind that is not knowing what environment the foster child comes from, both pre and post birth. More so it's a matter of 'protection.' The greater majority of adults who work with and around "at risk youth" also have to be fully up to date with immunizations and such. When I worked for the Lighthouse I had to get a couple shots and last year had to show proof of when I started working for Salvation Army. I am glad you feel at peace with it. Any foster child will be blessed to be welcomed into your home.