Home (#360-399)

Nothing makes you appreciate home like a 9 day vacation in the woods.

Not that we didn't have an amazing time- we really truly did. It's just that I didn't realize how tense my shoulders had gotten until walking in the front door immediately released them. I love my front door. I love our little home. It's the biggest little home that ever was built. I can walk from front to back in 7 steps, from side to side in a mean dozen (I've counted), and yet we've stuffed 4 bedrooms and a giant-sized helping of life into it. It's the blessing of numerous floors and an indulgent husband.

I've lived here a little over 2 years now and this house is dangerously close to becoming the one I have lived the longest in. Josh and I dream of getting out of the city, of acreage and a giant garden and maybe even a horse (and obviously miniature donkeys!) but I can very honestly say that I am perfectly content right here. We could stuff a whole lot more life in.

#399- Home.

I'm struggling to find the hidden grace, and count 1,000 ways I am blessed. 1,000 things to be thankful for; 1,000 ways I am every day loved by Love Himself.

#360. New coloring books.

#362. Grandpa's boat.

#363. Butterflies flitting from flower to flower.

#364. Pink and purple skies over the mountains- a glimpse of majesty.

#365. Bug spray.

#366. The beach.

#367. Digging.

#368. Sunburns.

#369. Paddle boats.

#370. The plop of a rock perfectly thrown into water.

#371. Campfires

#372. Marshmallows.

#373. Piles of blankets in a cold tent.

#374. Huckleberry pancakes.

#375. Black sheep, both literal and figurative.

#376. Board games.

#377. Helping hands.

#378. Pinochle.

#379. Pie

#380. Steep hills.

#381. Big sticks.

#382. Searching the woods for mushrooms.

#383. Little plastic boats.

#384. All nurf-like products.

#385. 6 dogs and 14 children crammed in 2 campgrounds- a very happy chaos.

#386. Filthy dirty boys aka happy campers.

#387. Very big pieces of watermelon.

#388. A warm washcloth after days of camping and a no-longer-so-thin layer of dirt on the skin.

389. Dog cousins.

#390. The camping smell rising off me as I shower.

#391. The boys swarming over the peas the minute we arrive home and eating a clean dozen each before I've even finished looking around.

#392. Vendor food.

#393. Fireworks.

#394. Corny patriotic music.

#395. People watching, and Josh and I's favorite version- baby watching.

#396. Shade on a hot day.

#397. Family traditions.

#398. Really ridiculously large snow scones.

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