Oh yeah, that other thing we did last week

Sandwiched between the two weekends holding Bloomsday (12k) and Listen to Your Mother (mother's day show I wont shut up about) we went on our first family vacation!

I realize that there is perhaps no cliche more prevalent then the boring family vacation photos, but dude, it's been 5 years since Josh took me anywhere interesting and it will be another 5 years before it happens again so SHUT UP, SIT DOWN, AND LOOK AT MY PICTURES! Either that or click away, I wont know any different.

Wednesday (day 1) we drove up to Seattle as soon as we woke up. It's a 5ish hour drive, so not too bad but not excellent either.

We went straight to the Woodland Park Zoo where Zeke bonded with elephants,

Malachi considered the possibility that he belongs with the gorillas,

And they were both more excited about the dinosaurs then anything else, despite the fact that they arent, you know, real.

Josh tried to feed our baby to a T-Rex, which Zeke did NOT find funny.

Feeding loved ones to Tyrannosaurus' is kind of a thing with Josh I guess, here as evidence is a picture of him trying to feed ME to a T-Rex years and years ago when we were young and newly married and didn't have kids and slept in and went places all the time.

After the Zoo we checked into our hotel (easily the nicest hotel I've ever stayed at, THANKS TAMMY!!) and fed two very tired children sandwiches before putting them to bed.

Thursday (day 2) we took a bus straight to the Aquarium after having breakfast in our hotel room.

Malachi couldn't get enough of the touch-pools,

While Zeke would not having anything to do with them,

But they both adored watching the divers clean the big fish tank. Zeke was especially impressed with his "duck feet".

We had chowder bread bowls near the harbor before jumping a bus back to our hotel for a nap.

After nap we bussed back down to the habor (the public transportation system was awesome our whole trip, the buses are free downtown and honestly I think the boys enjoyed our many rides as much as anything else) for a harbor tour.

Here I am on the boat, attempting to get my sons to take a picture proving I was indeed on vacation with them.

Then we had fried fish at Ivaars. And ice-cream that called to us on our walk by the piers.

On Friday (day 3) we took the monorail to the Pacific Science Center.
We went straight to the Star Wars exhibit, where Zeke was very very cranky that we weren't at the Dinosaur exhibit.

Actually he was just plain very very cranky. We ended up leaving for an early nap shortly after the dinosaur exhibit.

But after nap, and a hotel-lunch, we went straight back to try it again.

Because I wanted to see the butterfly exhibit gosh darn it!!!
Which was totally worth it.

We ended up seeing all the rooms that we had missed before, and got to see the dinosaur exhibit AGAIN before we left to see the space needle.

Then we headed back to the hotel, via monorail, stopping by The Cheescake Factory on the way :)

On Saturday (day 4) we sadly, ok maybe a little relievedly, checked out of the hotel. We drove to the Children's Museum to get all of our morning energy out,

Had a quick lunch upstairs at the Seattle Center, and then headed home.


Tammy said...

so glad you guys had a great time Courtney!!..and that the hotel was nice!!..Tammy

anythingbutsnow said...

Courtney that looks like a total blast! You bave inspired me to try it with my kids sometime soon :) xo Nice pictures too :)