Malachi Was Here

The Josh-is-in-Seattle-all-weekend-I-hope-the-Apocalypse-IS-coming entry.

One fine afternoon Zeke walked into his bedroom and said a single phrase, all in caps...

"Malachi Was Here."

And so began a blog series.

Notice how all the flowers on the left have been freed from their petals. So kind, considering that just a few weeks prior he had taken all the leaves off another patch.

I knew I had a bag of diapers somewhere...ah yes of course. Why didn't I look there?

All I can guess is that after waking he climbed from the bed to the nightstand, and from there...ok I still cant figure out how he opened the window. The only good news is that I caught him before he climbed out onto the roof. And now that window is locked so tight that even I can't open it.

Off he goes to text the other three horsemen.

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anythingbutsnow said...

Holy MOley Courtney! and I thought that Norah was into things :) lol Glad he never hit the roof!