Conversation with Zeke

Zeke: I have a big stick.

Me: Yep.

Zeke: I could fight a bear, or a lion, or a shark...all kinds of animals.

Me: Uh-huh.

Zeke: I think I'm gonna fight a lion. And I'm gonna KILL him!

Me: What if it's a nice lion? Why don't you try to be friends.

Zeke: Because he's a bad guy! He's gonna 'tack the library and eat all the books!

Me: Maybe he just doesn't know what books are for. I think you should teach the
lion to read, so then he would read the books instead of eating them.

Zeke: I'm sorry mom, I'm gonna have to kill him.


Zeke: Wait, mom! Did you remember my elephant?

Me: What elephant?

Zeke: My pretend elephant.

Me: Oh...yeah...uh...its right here.

Zeke: Oh good.


Zeke: My butt is making music.

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Kim said...

Don't you know, it's a rule that little boys have to kill all the bad guys! lol. And Preston says his butt makes steam! Ha! Boys!