On Palm Sunday we went to church, where I spent the first half of the service distracting Josh by poking him with my palm leaf, and then Malachi spent the second half of the service shredding it into tiny pieces. Later on, at home, we died eggs.

Monday (Passover) I thought long and hard about doing a shortened version, maybe a 1/2 hour, of a traditional Hagaddah, and then decided my children didn't have the patience even for that, and I had to save my strength for the last half of the week.

On Thursday we went to a Maudy Thursday Service, where there were no palms to shred and therefor Malachi got rowdy and had to be taken out.

Friday morning Zeke and I built a tomb out of stuff we found outside and sealed up a playdough caterpillar inside. I may not have the daughters to build a fairy garden with but at least I get a grave right?...right?

Later that day Josh and I had the church college group over, where we discussed the significance of Passover to the Christian and to the Easter story. I also spent some time feeling guilty for skipping Monday.

Saturday we ate bbq on our new table (20 for the set on craigslist, woot) for the first time and pretended to not know about the dozen Earth Day celebrations going on around town and dozens of dozens of egg hunts.
I feel more guilty about Earth Day then the egg hunts. I've heard too many stories of children trampled. My kids aren't nearly aggressive enough for that kind of thing. Can you imagine poor Zeke?

Sunday morning the Easter Bunny dropped by, and we unsealed the tomb (for the 100th time, Zeke kept "checking" all weekend) to find a butterfly.
I attempted to explain the allegory while Zeke stuffed his face full of peep and nodded obediently.

Josh had to run off to church right away, because his middle school group was serving everyone pancakes. So the boys and I got dressed on our own and put together cinnamon rolls to rise while we were gone. Then we got dressed again because we were all covered in flour.

After pancakes and service we came home to enjoy egg salad sandwiches, and cinnamon rolls. Yum.

Then we napped. Well, except me. I enjoyed the raising of the lenten internet-limits.

After nap I hid eggs in the backyard for the boys. Zeke was really good about leaving the easy ones for his brother, but once Malachi found out there was candy in there he lost interest in finding any more eggs. I think he ended up with 5 vs Zeke's 19.

Then we had lamb. :)


Kait T said...

I'm diggin' the cape, I myself wear capes quite frequently. :) Also, I read Tina Fey's prayer on your side bar and OMG I laughed so hard.
Did you have left over lamb? What are you doing with it?

Courtney said...

I guess I forgot to take the cape off after my last act of heroism...oops. And I love Tina Fey so so sooo much. She is hilarious. As far as my left overs go, I dont know what we will do. We probably only have a pound and all the boys in the house keep picking at it so I'm afraid it will be picked to death before I decide.