The people that count such things say that a child laughs 300 times a day, while an adult averages a measly 15.
All I can say is that I am ridiculously blessed to have these two clowns around.

Because I laughed way more then 15 times today.
And I'm quoting here, "Look! I'm Mario!"

Also, there must be some seriously morose children out there to help balance Malachi. Because this kid? He probably laughs 3x that much.
Usually about things that I don't find particularly funny.

But hey, amidst the chaos I'm still finding the hidden grace, and counting the 1,000 ways I am blessed, 1,000 things to be thankful for; 1,000 ways I am loved by Love Himself...

#293. The list of items a 2 year old thinks are necessary for a 5 day trip.

#294. The list of items left off that list.

#295. Making goals...and reaching them.

#296. Learning a new art form.

#297. Groceries in the back seat- even if its just for a day while the carseats wash.

#298. Sun, hail, sun, rain, wind, sun. All in one hour.

#299. Big overwhelming yarn stores.

#300. Daffodils.

#301. Malachi blowing on my every pretend bite before serving it.

#302. First seeds into the ground.

#303. Four-legged running partners.

#304. Thirty days...and many more to come.

#305. The way Josh and I always think of the same joke.

#306. Exciting Easter plans.

#307. Giving ourselves permission for a much-needed potty training break.

#308. The ability to start over with grace- a lesson I've struggled to learn.

#309. Rootbeer Floats.

#310. Weaning going much easier then expected.

#311. A house filled with laughter.

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