April Garden Update

This month I:

Added compost to all the beds. And started composting myself, in a garbage can, in the hopes that I don't have to purchase compost ever again.

Tilled and planted a potato/onion bed.
After measuring our space, Josh and I realized we had extra room- 2x6 feet of it! So we decided to last-minute add a crop of spring onions right next to the potatoes. I even found one teeny tiny onion sprout this morning!

Did I mention by they way that we are growing purple potatoes? This is the color they should be when they are dug up:

I even started my warm weather herbs (basil, cilantro, oregano, dill) indoors. And then Mal got to them....so then I started them indoors again.

Zeke helped me start his sunflowers indoors as well. They need to be potted up soon, it always cracks me up how quick sunflowers grow.

I re-planned the planting of my corn and beans. I had wanted to grow my green beans up my corn stalks, but after more research decided this method wasn't worth sparing Josh building a bean trellis. I would get a lot more of each if I devoted a bed to each. Plus, the more I read about corn the more I was told that in order for corn to pollinate, you need a big block of corn. So now I have an entire corn bed, and an entire bean bed. And as such, I decided to add a bush bean variety as well, which are the last seeds I will buy this year- I swear. Also the last change in plans this year, this is permanent:

I planted peas (a little over 80), carrots (a little over 40), 8 lettuce, 4 spinach, 2 chives, 2 dill, and a few marigolds in the raised beds. The peas I split, planting half at the beginning of the month, and half at the end. I've heard different ideas of when its optimal to plant peas, so its a bit of an experiment. About 1/2 of my early peas are up, we will see if the rest survived as well.

Zeke and I spread wildflower and lavender seeds in his garden. He also "built" a bench for viewing pleasure.

And Zeke, Josh, and I all worked together to finish the rock garden.

I couldn't have done it without Josh's brute strength OR Zeke's creativity. For some reason I was really stuck on how to go about the rock garden. Zeke knew just what to do, though.

Next month I want to:
-Transplant my "warm weather" herbs, and the sunflowers to the outside.
-Plant forget-me-nots in the rock garden.
-Plant calendulas, green beans, corn, zuchinni, squash, and tomato starts in the raised beds. ------Replant more carrots, lettuce and spinach to extend harvests.
-Begin harvesting strawberries, spinach, and lettuce.
-Enjoy some of the tulips Zeke and I planted last fall...if any at all survive Malachi (and they may not).

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