Inbreath (#253-267)

It is one week until Lent. And is it strange that I feel myself yearning for it?

Lent is probably my favorite time of the liturgical year. I'm not sure it's supposed to be. It is a fast, after all, a time of repentance, of self denial. But for me it has always been more of a time of slowing down, of realigning my lifestyle and goals with my values. A time to pray more, read my bible more, and make a good old-fashioned attempt at being a better person.

It is the Winter's last, great in-breath, before the manic, almost excessive, out-breath that is Spring.

And how wonderful that the church year and the natural year are so perfectly aligned. What better time is there for Lenten focus then these last clinging weeks of winter? What better time for Easter's joy then those first bright weeks of Spring? Nearly wasteful in their color and life. I know it was purposefully done, but it was also perfectly done.

Lent approaches and my soul is ready.

The Moments of Grace never cease...I continue to count them.

#253. Reservation confirmations.

#254. A friend to save the tree frogs with- particularly if they are well-versed in the dangers of the Bo-bo brothers.

#255. Chick flicks, and the chicks to watch them with.

#256. The picture-perfect comedy of a line of muddy pawprints, right past the drying mop.

#257. Warm nan.

#258. Rousing choruses of "Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee".

#259. Feb 15th chocolate sales.

#260. Someone to laugh with every night about the days misadventures.

#261. Books on CD.

#262. The UPS truck stopping right in front of my door.

#263. Malachi cheering Zeke wildly as he goes to the potty. May they always be each other's number 1 supporter.

#264. New felt slippers- warmth for these last cold weeks.

#265. Tango dancing in the livingroom while fat snowflakes fall outside.

#266. Sticker books.

#267. Breathing in.

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Adria said...

I always understood the purpose of the fast to not be self-denial in negative terms, but exactly realignment through realizing what you do and don't need. Fast meaning to hold securely, unchanging, permanent and lasting. In fasting, we hold tight to what is important to get through the repentance and self denial and what feels difficult. With that, I believe that in Christian terms, we are always fasting (or should be). I will be the first to admit I am not very good at it.