Fashion trends, Bloomsday Training, and other updates

We've been busy starting some fashion trends around here...
Like boots on your hands.

And stickers on your forehead. (And yes, that is Zeke dancing. You know you are jealous of his mad mad skillz.)

And being the all-around cutest, curliest-headed, kid in the block state planet.

In other news Josh asked if Zeke could watch Star Wars with him. (That sounds like he asked my permission, but it was more of a what-is-your-opinion-because-I-will-defer-to-your-expertise kind of situation.) After a few hours of back-of-the-mind thinking, and a well timed question to the great Facebook I decided against it. We both love those films enough that we want to wait until he can really love it. Also he tends towards nightmares and it is just plain not worth risking. I think 5 or 6 is a better age, which means Mal will be more like 4 but heck, younger kids just get all the fun.

I did compile a list of (mostly Disney) films I thought we could all watch together as a family. Zeke already loves The Aristocats, and Jungle Book but he tends to want to watch them again...and again...and again, which Josh and I just can't handle. There are so many good old ones that aren't too scary for him that we figure we might start slowly going thru them together.
Tonight we are watching Winnie the Poo :)

I also finally started training for Bloomsday. The snow is melted off enough that I can kind of see the sidewalks. Kind of. I fell pretty bad on Saturday but I'm pushing on. My plan is that I will run Sat, Sun, Tues, and Thurs (ish) every week. Saturdays, Sundays, and Tuesdays will be 3 miles (just under 30 minutes) and then Thursdays I will increase by 1 mile every other week. So it will look like this:

wk1 Sat ect 3 miles, Thurs 4 miles.
wk2 Sat ect 3 miles, Thurs 4 miles.
wk3 Sat ect 3 miles, Thurs 5 miles.
wk 4 Sat ect 3 miles, Thurs 5 miles.
wk5 Sat ect 3 miles, Thurs 6 miles.
wk6 Sat ect 3 miles, Thurs 6 miles.
wk7 Sat ect 3 miles, Thurs 7 miles.
wk8 Sat ect 3 miles, Thurs 7 miles.

Runners, does that sound like a good plan? The farthest I've ever run right now is 3 miles. I did the couch to 5k last Fall and I'm find it fairly easy to get back to that distance. I will definitely be there next week when "the plan" begins. I would love to be able to run the full 12k in May though.

The last big item of news is that I found out I was accepted as a performer at the big mother's day show on Thursday. It didn't take me this long to mention it because it's not a big deal to me (oh boy is it ever) but because I wasn't quite sure what to say. I am deeply, deeply aware that for every one of us that saw our name on our list that day there was another person that did not. I am extremely honored to be able to tell my story but also sad that not everyone can have that opportunity.

But I suppose that is why I love blogs. There, we all tell our stories.

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