Summer At Last (#240-259)

Spring? Who needs spring? Around these parts we jump right from winter to summer.

Heck, we jump from winter to summer, then back to winter for a few days, and then switch summer again.

As an example take last week, in which we had 80+ weather fit for a trip to the splash pad, and also a hail storm that decimated my lettuce patch.

The hail storm I could have done without. But the splash pad?

I think the splash pad is a keeper.

#259. The first day warm enough for the splash pad.

Join me as I try to find the hidden grace, and count the 1,000 ways I am blessed. 1,000 things to be thankful for; 1,000 ways I am every day loved by Love Himself...

#240. The delicate beauty of a sea shell.

#241. Strawberries flowering. Each white blossom a promise of something delicious to come.

# 242. A fist harvest- fresh chives for my eggs.

#243. Zeke singing the "thomas" theme song as he pulls a train along the floor.

#244. Reunions.

#245. That Zeke still remembers bathing Malachi in the tub that first week he was born, and requests to do it again.

#246. Good advice.

#247. Blue raspberry otter pops.

#248. Dancing in the car, and lookin like a fool.

#249. Slowly, slowly, paying off debts.

#250. Homemade donuts.

#251. Sudden rainshowers.

#252. Babies hands folded in prayer.

#253. Picnics.

#254. Sitting in the sun.

#255. Inside jokes among brothers.

#256. Kiddy pools.

#257. Dreams.

#258. Dirt and a few construction cars.

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