Oh Happy Happy Birthday To You

Happy, happiest birthday to my boy.

Zeke, circa newborn,

4 months,

8 months,

a year,
a year and a half,


and two and a half.

The time, it just flies. And I need to do a photoshoot with Zeke. With just Zeke. Because looking thru pictures for this collection I realized that I don't have any nice ones of just him after a while. Always there is Malachi by his side.

There are reasons, of course. Zeke's inherent shyness and Mal's love of the camera combined at the forefront of them.

Then of course there is that Zeke just adores his brother. All day at his party he just wanted to "play with baby". All day a bit overwhelmed and shy, even though he knows all these kids and it's his own back yard. But he wanted a party and planned it to a t- the balloon color, the snacks served, every detail. It was all very Zeke.

And now he is 3 now. With a big boy bike to prove it.


anythingbutsnow said...

Yay! it was soo much fun, and we were flattered to be invited and share such a special day with your family. :) Happy Brithday Zeke!

Kari Marchelli said...

wow time does fly!