Happy Birthday To Me (#98-206)

Christmas, as wonderful as it is, seems to take over the entire month of December. Any poor soul with a December birthday can easily account to that. For those of us with the ill luck to have been born on THE DAY itself, well, we get lost in the shuffle even more then most. Heck, even I regularly forget about my birthday.

I turn 25 in 5 days, on Christmas Day, and I'm not complaining but in the last 10 years? I've had 2 birthday cakes. I've counted. Maybe pointedly enough that my husband will be sure I get one every year from now on.

And that is why #206 is my leftover birthday cake. It seems obscene, birthday cake this close to Christmas...but I am enjoying every bite.

I'm well loved.

98. The fact that every time Zeke breaks out in song (which is often), Malachi stops whatever he is doing to dance.

99. My husbands mad cookie decorating skills. He wont admit it, but he's way better then me.

100. New recipes for veggies that are starting to feel very old.

101. Piles and piles of cookies on the counter.

102. 45 degrees and snowy.

103. Cowboy boots.

104. The silence of naptime.

105. That we have the wealth to pick out gifts for the needy.

106. Dripping icicles.

107. The smell of Christmas trees.

108. Piles of presents under the tree.

109. The last person crossed off my list.

110. A whole morning of nothing but fudge.

111. The last cookie.

112. Making another batch.

113. Real mistletoe and the bestest man to kiss.

114. Can I say fudge again?

115. Zeke's constant chattering of what everyone should get for Christmas- if he were in charge there would be a lot of trains passed out.

116. Taking a long hard look at my to-do list and playing the Wii instead.

117. Twinkling lights.

118. Finally getting the boys to smile- at the same time- in the same direction- with snot free noses.

119. Sweater vests.

200. A night out with friends. Or rather my husbands friends? Or the fact that really, they are all the same.

201. 36 hours (and counting) with no puppy accidents, that's thru a night people!

202. Zeke's version of "Frosty the Snowman"

203. Malachi's "momma momma momma momma!"

204. A re-commitment to lookign nice from time to time.

205. Re-bleaching my hair, twice because its so overdue that my peroxide actually expired.

206. Leftover birthday cake.

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