Christmas Pictures

I was without the internet for a while...something about construction and moving us to a new server, and then forgetting to move us back to our old server all happening of course on a weekend when they aren't open to complain to.

The funny thing is I didn't really miss it. Sure there was that recipe I had bookmarked, and the address to that birthday party in my email, and the pattern in my ravelry queue. There were opportunities missed, and irritations. But for the most part? Didn't much miss it.

But now, of course, I am sadly behind on everything internet related. So instead of writing out the post I was planning I will just leave you with a few complaints on how very hard it is to get a good Christmas photo of the kids.
First they wont look at me.

Then, my favorite, a yawner and a nose picker at the same time.

Then they aren't looking at me again.

Then the dog butts in.

And for my money. One.

I'm trying again today...wish me luck.


Nicole said...

Good luck..I'm trying the same thing but for family pics to hand out..

Sheila Clark said...

Totally know how it is! But the "one" is so worth all the effort! I LOVE it!!