Grace thru motherhood

The first years of motherhood are often lived in the constant expectation of a peaceful moment. When the house is organized and clean, I will find peace. When I get more sleep, I will pray.

I've found, to survive, you have to learn the art of finding the small peace. The littlest moments of grace.

The art of motherhood.

"But women will be saved through the bearing of children," 1 Timothy 2:15

I misunderstood this verse for the longest time.

I get it now.

I thought it was about a price to pay.

It's not.

It's about receiving the opportunity to live for someone else.

And It's about learning to find peace, where there seems to be none, and finding that Peace has a name.

Its about plastic tub after plastic tub of clean clothes waiting to be folded, reminders to pray for the owner of each item. Laundry becomes 100 prayers in convenient piles. The inevitable breaks during every meal to help a child, become moments of fasting.

It's about finding the small ways of capturing the grace in the most common, the most humble.

We mothers, we become experts in finding that small and common grace, because often its the only peace we are offered. Where is the hidden grace in this moment? God is here, can you find Him?


ivymae said...

This is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome - I wish you could pass this thought process onto someone I know!! :) Have a great day!!