Cherry Picking

Here in Spokane we are lucky to have just about the best growing community that you can think of. My family goes up to Greenbluff at least once a month June-October, and usually even more often. What can I say? We love fruit. Strawberries in June, Cherries and Raspberries in July, Peaches in August, Apples and Pears in September...The strawberries this year weren't the best, I have to admit. It was a wet spring, with quite a few late frosts.
But the cherries...
The cherries were amazing.
Zeke collected quite a few in his bucket.
Josh collected even more.
Malachi and I most hung out in the shade.

And then we hung out in the pea pit.
Malachi likes the pea pit almost as much as Zekey.
We even got to see some really nice animals.

Unfortunately, as soon as I found a pie cherry tree my husband informed me they weren't quite ripe. I had really wanted a pie, and how a person can tell if a pie cherry is ripe is beyond me but no one knows fruit like Josh knows fruit so I believed him. Lo and behold when I asked about raspberries they told me neither them nor the pie cherries would be ready for another week and a half.

Its just an excuse to go back ;)


Holly said...

I've loved going to Greenbluff for as long as I can remember! The day we went for strawberries we were able to get GREAT ones!

I can't wait for apples!

coco-ono said...

Holly, where did you go? We tend to prefer Walter's Fruit Ranch for strawberries and they got hit pretty hard by the frosts. We got a box full but it was hard picking. I asked if we had just come too late and they said the whole season had been pretty sparce. Maybe we should have tried a different farm?