Zeke is getting so big!

It's blurry but its adorable if you ask me.

In other news, Zeke is getting so soo big! Now even most of his 0-3 outfits wont fit him, and he's onto 3-6 month clothes. He's growing much faster then I can get sick of his outfits, it seems he's barely worn most of them. And we have about a billion in this size. Honestly I could go 3 weeks without doing his laundry if I wanted to, I've gotten so many hand me downs and gifts. I'm hoping his growth slows down a bit now though. All of his 6-9 month clothes are wintery. He's got to last at least until mid September before moving up into that size. If he's still in this size when it gets cold I can always layer but if he gets too big before it cools off I'll have to finally buy something ;) Thankfully I don't see how he can possibly keep this growth up, if he's in 6-9 months clothes at 3 months we've got problems.

Speaking of, I think pretty soon I'll have to buy diapers too. I just opened my last box. It amazes me that I've gone 7 weeks off of gift diapers. You people must sure love us!

Ezekiel is growing in more ways than one. He's getting so much more vocal and interactive. Its amazing. He's so expressive, Josh and I can sit and talk to him for hours, the things that kid does with his eyebrows crack me up.

He's also getting much better at controlling his hands. He can even manage to get his thumb in his mouth now after a few minutes of trying. I have the example below :)

See? This is both a blessing and a curse to me. Its nice because playing with his hands will keep him amused sometimes, and he's starting to self-soothe a bit at night. Unlike the binky, when his finger falls out of his mouth he can usually get it back in without me. Its the usually that sometimes makes me curse this habit. Zeke tends to get frustrated if he tries too long and continues to fail to make the thumb-mouth connection. And then, oh no, the bink is NOT good enough. He spits it right out and keeps yelling and trying to get his thumb in. Then I try to help him get his thumb in but he's too mad to keep it in when I do.

We also go through a similar routine when he's too tired to lift his head anymore. Or too tired in general. He just keeps trying to lift his head and stay awake and look around. But his head keeps falling or his eyes closing. He gets so mad! He just wants to see everything.

That's why the Mei-Tai carrier Annali made me is such a blessing. He is upright and he can look around. I've heard a lot of people say they walk their babies to sleep but Zeke loves his way too much to close his eyes when he is in it. He's all wide eyed and looking around. I've used it at the grocery store and on a walk now. Thanks Annali, we love our Mei-Tai!

I better go upstairs and see if my boys are ok, though. I bathed and fed Zeke and left him to daddy to put to sleep.

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