No pics but plenty to say

This week had quite a few highlights yet no pictures...sorry. I sort of forgot my mission to capture a smile...too frustrating. You can never get him to when you want him to. A good long meal and some cuddling provide decently dependable results however so maybe Ill keep the camera with my breastfeeding supplies for a few days. Mornings can get smiley too when I put him in our bed, which I'm still doing between 4-6 am every morning and probably will the next few years. He's so soo soooo good until then that I dont see the harm. Sometimes it gets us a few more hours sleep. Im not complaining though, he's doing 8-5 almost every night with two feedings and while 11-8 would fit my circadian rhythm better I enjoy the couple hours of peace every night and have a husband who's willing to go dance with my son in the livingroom at 5 am while I sleep. God Bless Josh.

For more than 1 reason too. He also bought Zeke and I an air conditioner after one tearful evening in which I broke down (quite literally) from the heat. Being a stay at home mom loses its luster when your home is 95 Zeke had a heat rash and was cranky cranky cranky. Ill admit I lost control for a bit there. Crying baby all day+ temperatures that make spit up curdle even FASTER= a husband that buys an air conditioner THAT NIGHT.

Zeke's manifold accomplishments this week include growing like a freaking weed. I cant believe it but he is already noticeably bigger, and growing out of clothes that fit him only last week. No wonder he was eating about every hour for a while there. He has also picked up two new sounds, ohh and ahh. I am so glad he does more than grunt and cry at last. He'll spend 20 minutes now just going "ooooahhoooo ahhhh oooo" He can also now lift and hold his head. Its shaky but he's doing it. Josh thinks he rolled over but he didn't really. He was just flailing around and accidentally ended up on his side. So doesn't count.

Lets see...his baby acne faded just in time to usher in some cradle cap. And he now chews on his knuckles all day long. Also all night, providing the most lovely sucking noises. He can never quite get a good suction. I tried showing him how to put his thumb in there and explaining that he cant fit his fist in his mouth, I can only assume that's his goal with the whole knuckle thing, but he didn't listen. Moms dont know anything.

Im also in the middle of an experiment to see if cutting dairy from my diet will help his gas. Its miserable. I miss cheese. I honestly hope he remains gassy, isn't that awful? I don't really think he has a milk protein allergy but he's showing enough symptoms and its common enough that I thought 2 weeks off dairy to see what happens would be worth it. The horrid part is it seems to be working a little....we will see if he's miserable when I re-introduce.

That's it for now. Next week there will be lots of pictures, I promise.

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