The Anniversary Post [even if its a month and a day late]

Over 6 years ago Josh and I drove a half hour into Idaho country fields to meet his old minister over coffee. Both the minister and the two of us had moved to different towns but he had still agreed to come back and marry us. This was the required talk-things-thru-and-get-advice-before-you-get-married meeting, and although it was a bit after-the-fact for us we still went.

What I remember most clearly was Kevin asking what things we fought over, what problems we had, and me admitting in the way that only a newlywed could that we mostly found ourselves at odds when each was pushing to give into the other's wishes.

His laugh was all grace as he told us that wouldn't last for long.

Last week we discovered that the last cupful of apple cider had gone bad. It had sat in the fridge untouched for a full two weeks while Josh and I both waited for the other to drink it.

I couldn't help but smile when Josh interrupted my shower to tell me how bad it smelled.

Six years and that still happens to us fairly often.

It's often hard, always being the youngest wife, the youngest mother. I get tired of the shock every year when people ask how long we've been married, the inevitable "How old are you?!" that comes after. Every. Time.

I'll admit I wonder. What it would have been like to be on my own. Not a daughter in my father's house, not a wife in my husbands house. Just me in my own house. My friends all have stories of things they did in college, places they went, adventures they had. I've had few adventures, gone few places, and all the ones I have were as a couple. I don't have any stories that don't include Josh.

But there's a comfort to it as well. Six years. It's a comfortable number, long enough that we've worked all the kinks out.

Well...except that pesky leaving things in the fridge for the other to enjoy...

Maybe when he said it wouldn't last long he was talking more like 10 years.

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anythingbutsnow said...

You two are a great match :) I love the apple cider story ( too funny) and I think that minister meant to multiply by 6, because 60 years is more like it!