Bye Summer

This weekend marked the end of summer for our family. Last vacation over. Weather noticeably cooler. Preschool (at home) officially begun. Summer decorations boxed away and autumn decorations placed out. Storage containers of long pants and sweaters sitting in the bottom of the boys closet, waiting to be sorted.

We said goodbye/hello in high fashion, though. We spent the morning of Saturday at Greenbluff, picking nectarines and the first of the apples.

Then whiled the afternoon away with a visit from good friends.
(TV- the babysitters secret weapon)

Sunday morning was the usual rhythm of church, lunch, nap/dog park. But after that we went to enjoy the last day of the county fair. The boys seemed to each have a very distict goal for the evening. Zeke- to ride a horse.

Malachi- to touch as many animals as possible. But in particular a llama.

Its bittersweet as always. Fall is my favorite season but summer is oh-so-fun.

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